You don’t have Agility if you don’t have it at Enterprise level


Have you ever felt that your Scrum team is a power-puff, super performing team, but it fails as soon as it comes to collaborate and take feeds from other teams in the enterprise? Do you feel that you always get approvals from your Technical Architect unit but show stops when it comes to take approval from Enterprise Architecture Team? Did you ever find that various organizational processes derail your Agile development train, and breaks momentum of your team? Does all this demotivates your team and hence your team fails to see benefits of Agility, which in turn breaks confidence of your management in giving approval to Agile Product Development methodologies?

If that is your case then you need system thinking, you need to consider Agility at Enterprise level. Any transformation, that doesn’t show result immediately, is mostly opposed. People do not want to change for something they don’t believe in, something that they don’t know, something for which they can’t envision how it will improve their own condition. And if they can’t see that, they can’t be enrolled in your mass movement.

Every organization with its pre-existing Org Structure, defined roles and hierarchies, different teams for different activities, finds it very difficult to enable enterprise level agility because agility demands close collaboration and no formality tools and processes, which are flexible enough to make changes as per Org agility achievement needs. In short, for any rigid environment, you need something that can work in parallel to existing system. SAFe is that one approach. From the product inception point to product delivery time, SAFe creates an Agile Release Train (ART), which is a temporary, virtual body within your enterprise that takes care of everything around one unique product in your organization. This train dissolves as soon as product is delivered, and value is achieved. It doesn’t impact existing Org structure, doesn’t change roles, and doesn’t disturb what is already going on.

If you want agility, do it right way. And right way in above scenario is SAFe.  I am conducting SAFe Agilist Batch on 20 -21 Feb, come join me and learn the art of Enterprise Agility:

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