What do I need to do before doing CSM / taking CSM class?


Many of my friends ask me this question. Should I take “Scrum Fundamentals course” for some XYZ training institute? They are offering really cheap study material, and it’s a money back offer if I don’t clear exam. I really feel bad for them. C’mon folks if you have extra bucks, please give it to some charity or may be buy something nice for yourself.

Its like do I need to do anything before taking birth. No dude, your mom and dad will take care of everything. Just GO, get out there already!

CSM i.e. “Certified Scrum Master” is a certificate issued by Scrum Alliance. This certificate shows that you have complete knowledge about Scrum Framework, including team roles, activities, and artifacts; and are eligible to fill the role of ScrumMaster or Scrum team member in yur organization.

So does that mean that there are no prerequisites for being a CSM?

The answer is YES! Go to Scrum Alliance site and look for next available course of CSM and take it. Or google for next available batch of Scrum and take it. If you are the ‘Proceed only prepared’ kinds, then reading Scrum Guide will be enough (You can get it from Scrum Alliance Site for free). Also you can look at Resources section on Scrum Alliance, in fact the entire site is a good collection on information about Scrum and various courses offered.

Btw what is the process of becoming Certified Scrum Master?

You enroll for 2-days Scrum Alliance’s CSM course. Scrum Alliance’s hand-picked trainers (CSTs) will deliver this training and you will then have to take certification exam. The exam is very simple just like Agile and Scrum. And Ta-da! You are CSM.

Wait a minute. Does that mean anybody can be ScrumMaster?

Well yes and no both. Yes because Scrum is very simple, it’s the natural way of working. So understanding Scrum, taking up CSM exam and clearing it is very easy, anybody can do it. BUT each job has its own challenges. Everyone can play Cricket or Scrum, but can’t be a good coach, can’t train others to do right for their team, and get the goal.

So, I hope you got all your answers. Do write me in case you have any more questions about CSM at deeptijain@agilevirgin.in .

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